II. Symptoms

  1. Fever
  2. Night Sweats
  3. Weight loss

III. Signs

  1. See Pericarditis
  2. Pericarditis Friction Rub
  3. Exudative Pericardial Effusion

IV. Differential Diagnosis

V. Labs

  1. Serum globulin increased
  2. Leukocytosis

VI. Complications

  1. Cardiac Tamponade
  2. Mortality 85% in untreated cases

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Ontology: Pericarditis, Tuberculous (C0031049)

Definition (MSH) INFLAMMATION of the sac surrounding the heart (PERICARDIUM) due to MYCOBACTERIUM TUBERCULOSIS infection. Pericarditis can lead to swelling (PERICARDIAL EFFUSION), compression of the heart (CARDIAC TAMPONADE), and preventing normal beating of the heart.
Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D010495
ICD10 A18.84
SnomedCT 67256000
English Pericarditides, Tuberculous, Pericarditis, Tuberculous, Tuberculous Pericarditides, Tuberculous Pericarditis, TUBERCULOUS PERICARDITIS, tuberculosis of pericardium (diagnosis), tuberculosis of pericardium, pericardial tuberculosis, tuberculous pericarditis, tuberculous pericarditis (diagnosis), Pericarditis, Tuberculous [Disease/Finding], Tuberculous pericarditis, Pericarditis tuberculous, Tuberculosis of pericardium, Tuberculosis of pericardium (disorder), pericardium; tuberculous (etiology), pericardium; tuberculous (manifestation), tuberculosis; pericardium (etiology), tuberculosis; pericardium (manifestation)
Swedish Hjärtsäcksinflammation, tuberkulös
Japanese ケッカクセイシンマクエン, 結核性心膜炎, 心膜炎-結核性
Finnish Tuberkuloottinen sydänpussitulehdus
Czech Tuberkulózní perikarditida, tuberkulózní perikarditida, perikarditida tuberkulózní
Polish Zapalenie osierdzia gruźlicze
Spanish pericarditis tuberculosa, tuberculosis del pericardio (trastorno), tuberculosis del pericardio, Pericarditis tuberculosa, Pericarditis Tuberculosa
Hungarian tuberculoticus pericarditis
Norwegian Tuberkuløs perikarditt
Dutch pericard; tuberculose, tuberculose; pericard, pericarditis tuberculeus, Pericarditis tuberculosa
Portuguese Pericardite tuberculosa, Pericardite Tuberculosa
German tuberkuloese Perikarditis, Perikarditis, tuberkulöse, Tuberkulöse Perikarditis
French Péricardite tuberculeuse
Italian Pericardite tubercolare