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Aka: Spermatocele
  1. Signs
    1. Painless cystic mass separate from Testis
    2. Superior and posterior to Testis
    3. Freely movable and transilluminates easily
  2. Lab
    1. Aspiration of mass shows dead sperm
  3. Management
    1. None required unless mass is bothersome

Spermatocele (C0037859)

Definition (MSH) A cystic dilation of the EPIDIDYMIS, usually in the head portion (caput epididymis). The cyst fluid contains dead SPERMATOZOA and can be easily differentiated from TESTICULAR HYDROCELE and other testicular lesions.
Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D013088
ICD9 608.1
ICD10 N43.4, N43.40, N50.3
SnomedCT 155941004, 155936007, 49263001, 43077002
English Spermatocele, Spermatoceles, Epididymal Cyst, Cyst, Epididymal, Cysts, Epididymal, Epididymal Cysts, Epididymal cysts, spermatocele (diagnosis), spermatocele (physical finding), spermatocele, epididymis spermatocele (___ cm), epididymis spermatocele, Spermatocele of epididymis, unspecified, Spermatocele of epididymis, Spermatocele [Disease/Finding], epididymal cyst, Cyst;epididymal, spermatocoele, cyst epididymis, cysts epididymal, spermatoceles, cyst of epididymis, cyst epididymal, epididymis cyst, cysts epididymis, cyst of epididymis (diagnosis), Cyst of epididymis, Epididymal cyst, Cyst of epididymis (disorder), Spermatocele (disorder), cyst; epididymis, epididymis; cyst, Cyst of Epididymis, Cyst of the Epididymis
Italian Cisti dell'epididimo, Cisti epididimale, Spermatocele
Portuguese Cisto de Epidídimo, Espermatocelo, Quisto do epidídimo, Espermatocele
Spanish Quiste de Epidídimo, espermatocele (trastorno), espermatocele, quiste del epidídimo (trastorno), quiste del epidídimo, quiste epididimario, Quiste epididimal, Espermatocele
German Epididymale Zyste, Epididymiszyste, Spermatozele
Japanese 精巣上体嚢胞, セイソウジョウタイノウホウ, セイエキリュウ, 精液瘤
Swedish Spermatocele
Czech spermatokela, Cysta nadvarlete, Spermatokéla
Finnish Spermatoseele
Korean 정액류
Polish Torbiel nasienna
Hungarian Epididymalis cysta, Spermatocele
Norwegian Epididymiscyste, Bitestikkelcyste, Sædbrokk, Spermatocele
Dutch cyste; epididymis, epididymis; cyste, Spermatokles, epididymale cyste, spermatokèle, Spermatokèle
French Kyste de l'épididyme, Spermatocèle
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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