Urology Book


Urinary Cast

Aka: Urinary Cast, Urine Cast
  1. See Also
    1. Microscopic Urinalysis
  2. Cast Types
    1. Epithelial cell casts of renal tubule
      1. Acute Tubular Necrosis
      2. Interstitial Nephritis
      3. Eclampsia
      4. Heavy metal Poisoning
      5. Rejected transplant
    2. Red Blood Cell casts
      1. Glomerulonephritis
      2. May be normal in Collision Sport athletes
    3. White Blood Cell casts
      1. Pyelonephritis
      2. Glomerulonephritis
      3. Interstitial Nephritis
    4. Hyaline or mucoprotein casts
      1. Normal finding
      2. Pyelonephritis
      3. Chronic renal disease
    5. Granular casts
      1. Severe renal disease
    6. Waxy casts
      1. Severe renal disease
    7. Fatty casts
      1. Nephrotic Syndrome
      2. Hypothyroidism

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