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Urine Nitrite

Aka: Urine Nitrite, Urine Dipstick Nitrite
  1. See Also
    1. Urinalysis
    2. Urine Leukocyte Esterase
  2. Mechanism
    1. Some Bacteria reduce urine nitrates to nitrites
    2. Nitrite production typically requires urine standing (in Bladder) for at least 4 hours
      1. Infants do not hold their urine, and do not typically demonstrate nitrite on the urine sample
  3. Efficacy
    1. Test Specificity: >91%
    2. Test Sensitivity: <49%
  4. Interpretation
    1. Normal: Negative
    2. Positive
      1. Urinary Tract Infection
      2. Gross Hematuria
  5. Causes: False Positive nitrite on Urinalysis
    1. Vaginal contaminant
    2. Phenazopyridine
    3. Dipstick exposed to air
      1. Close test strip containers immediately
      2. Strip exposed to air for 1 week: 33% False Positive
      3. Strip exposed to air for 2 weeks: 75% False Positive
  6. Causes: False Negative Urine Nitrite
    1. Increased Urine Specific Gravity
    2. Increased Urobilinogen
    3. Bacteria lacking nitrate reductase enzyme (e.g. Enterococcus)
    4. Urine pH <6.0
    5. Vitamin C supplementation
    6. Low nitrate diet
    7. Short Bladder incubation time (<4 hours)
  7. References
    1. Hitzeman (2022) Am Fam Physician 106(1): 27-35 [PubMed]
    2. Simerville (2005) Am Fam Physician 71(6): 1153-62 [PubMed]

Urine dipstick for nitrite (C0430379)

Concepts Laboratory Procedure (T059)
SnomedCT 389742002, 390474004, 302791006
English Urine dipstick for nitrite, Urine dipstick for nitrite (procedure)
Spanish determinación de nitritos en orina con tira reactiva (procedimiento), determinación de nitritos en orina con tira reactiva
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

Urine nitrite (C0580333)

Concepts Laboratory Procedure (T059)
SnomedCT 144810003, 167585009
Italian Nitrito urinario
Japanese 尿中亜硝酸塩, ニョウチュウアショウサンエン
English urine nitrite (lab test), urine nitrite, nitrite level, nitrites urine, nitrite urine, Nitrite urine, Urine nitrite, Urine nitrite (procedure)
Czech Dusitan v moči
Hungarian Nitrit vizeletben
Spanish nitrito en orina, nitrito urinario (procedimiento), nitrito urinario, Nitritos en orina
Portuguese Nitrite na urina
Dutch nitriet urine
French Nitrite dans l'urine
German Nitrite im Urin
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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