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Bladder Cancer Staging

Aka: Bladder Cancer Staging
  1. Background
    1. American Joint Committee on Cancer TNM Staging of Bladder Cancer
  2. Staging: Grouping
    1. Stage 0a: Ta N0 M0
    2. Stage 0is: Tis N0 M0
    3. Stage I: T1 N0 M0
    4. Stage II: T2a-2b N0 M0
    5. Stage III: T3a-4a N0 M0
    6. Stage IV: T4b N0-3 M0-1 (or any T if node positive or metastases present)
  3. Staging: Primary Tumor Staging: T
    1. T0: No tumor present
    2. Tis: Carcinoma in situ
    3. Ta: Papillary tumor with only Bladder mucosa involved
    4. T1: Extension into Bladder lamina propria
    5. T2: Invasion into Bladder superficial Muscle
    6. T3a: Invasion into Bladder deep Muscle
    7. T3b: Invasion into fat surrounding Bladder
    8. T4a: Regional spread into Prostate, vagina or Uterus
    9. T4b: Tumor fixed to pelvic or abdominal wall
    10. TX: Unable to assess primary tumor
  4. Staging: Lymph Node Staging: N
    1. N0: No Lymph Node involvement found
    2. N1: Single unilateral regional node involvement
    3. N2: Contralateral or bilateral Lymph Nodes involved
    4. N3: Fixed mass of regional Lymph Nodes
    5. N4: Juxtaregional Lymph Node involvement
    6. NX: Unable to assess Lymph Node involvement
  5. Staging: Distant Metastatic Spread Staging: M
    1. MO: No distant metastasis identified
    2. M1: Distant metastasis found
    3. MX: Unable to assess metastases
  6. References
    1. Edge (2010) AJCC Cancer Staging Manual, 7th ed, New York

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