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Extraperitoneal Abdominal Pain Causes

Aka: Extraperitoneal Abdominal Pain Causes
  1. See Also
    1. Abdominal Pain
    2. Abdominal Wall Pain
    3. Abdominal Wall Pain Causes
  2. Causes: Cardiopulmonary
    1. Cardiopulmonary Causes
    2. Pneumonia
    3. Empyema
    4. Myocardial Infarction
    5. Active Rheumatic Heart Disease
    6. Aortic Dissection
  3. Causes: Hematologic
    1. Leukemia
    2. Sickle Cell Crisis
  4. Causes: Neurologic
    1. Spinal cord tunor
    2. Spinal Osteomyelitis
    3. Tabes Dorsalis
    4. Herpes Zoster
    5. Abdominal Epilepsy
    6. Abdominal Migraine
  5. Causes: Genitourinary and Renal
    1. Pyelonephritis
    2. Perinephric Abscess
    3. Nephrolithiasis or other Ureteral obstruction
    4. Prostatis
    5. Seminal vesiculitis
    6. Epididymitis
  6. Causes: Metabolic
    1. Uremia
    2. Diabetic acidosis
    3. Porphyria
    4. Addison's Disease in crisis
  7. Causes: Toxin
    1. Bacterial Infection
    2. Insect Bites
    3. Snake BiteVenoms
    4. Spider BiteVenoms (e.g. Black Widow Spider Bite)
    5. Drugs
    6. Lead poison
  8. Causes: Musculoskeletal and Mass Effect
    1. See Abdominal Wall Pain Causes
    2. Retroperitoneal hematoma

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