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Ring Removal

Aka: Ring Removal
  1. Indications
    1. Ring trapped on a swollen finger
  2. Technique: General
    1. Elevate the finger
    2. Apply a Skin Lubricant
      1. Soap and water
      2. Lubricating Jelly (e.g. surgilube)
    3. Strap compression technique (see below)
    4. Ring cutter
  3. Technique: Strap compression technique (preferred)
    1. Obtain long, narrow strap or string (best if elastic narrow strap)
      1. Oxygen mask strap (or other narrow elastic band)
      2. Penrose drain (1/4 inch)
      3. Phlebotomy tubing
      4. Umbilical tape
      5. Silk ties
      6. Kite string
    2. Wrap the finger tightly
      1. Thread the strap or string under the ring
      2. Apply tight, close loops spiraling proximally from ring distally
      3. Continue wrapping until the most swollen parts of finger are compressed
    3. Remove the ring
      1. Unwrap the strap/string from the proximal end
      2. As the strap or string is unwound the ring is pulled over the swollen tissue
  4. Technique: Titanium Ring Removal using vice grip
    1. Precautions
      1. Titanium rings will not typically respond to standard techniques (e.g. ring cutters)
      2. Wear Eye Protection (titanium parts will disperse widely)
      3. When gradually applied with this technique, the vice grip shatters the ring without finger injury
    2. Apply vice grip
      1. Adjust vice grip so that closes and locks without significant force over ring
    3. Gradually tighten the vice grip
      1. Tighten the vice grip 1/4 turn, reapply and clamp to locking position, then release
      2. Continue to tighten, test and rotate clamp position in stepwise fashion until the ring shatters
    4. Resources
      1. YouTube Video of Technique
  5. Resources
    1. Oxygen Mask Strap technique

Removal of ring from digit of hand (C1960630)

Concepts Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure (T061)
SnomedCT 426509009
English Removal of ring from digit of hand (procedure), Removal of ring from digit of hand
Spanish remoción de anillo de dedo de la mano (procedimiento), remoción de anillo de dedo de la mano
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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