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Finger Tip Injury

Aka: Finger Tip Injury, Fingertip Injury, Finger Tip Injury Dressing
  1. See Also
    1. Finger Anatomy
    2. Finger Wound Hemostasis
  2. Types: Injuries
    1. Lacerations and Amputations
      1. Finger Laceration
      2. Fingertip Amputation
    2. Fractures
      1. Tuft Fracture
    3. Nail Injuries
      1. Nail Avulsion
      2. Nail Bed Laceration
      3. Subungual Hematoma
      4. Nail Bed Laceration
    4. Ligament and Tendon injuries
      1. PIP Collateral Ligament Injury (Jammed Finger)
      2. Extensor Tendon Injury at the DIP Joint (Mallet Finger, Baseball Finger)
      3. Flexor Tendon Injury at the DIP Joint (Jersey Finger)
      4. Extensor Tendon Injury at the PIP Joint (PIP Central Slip Dislocation, Boutonniere Deformity)
    5. Infections
      1. Felon
      2. Paronychia
  3. Management: Non-adherent Dressing
    1. Technique
      1. Apply Bacitracin to a strip of petrolatum gauze (Vaseline Gauze, Xeroform gauze)
      2. Wrap the non-adherent gauze around the Finger Tip Injury
      3. Cover with a 2x2 plain gauze pad
      4. Apply tube gauze over the finger and secured at the base of the finger or hand
    2. After-care
      1. Dressing may remain in place for up to 7 days without removal
      2. Check wound if signs or symptoms of infection or increasing pain
      3. Change bandage if it becomes wet

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