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  • Mouthguard




Aka: Mouthguard
  1. Efficacy
    1. Decreases Concussion risk if mandibular Trauma
    2. Prevents oral and dental injury
  2. Indications: Any Contact Sport
    1. Football
    2. Hockey
    3. Karate

Mouth Protectors (C0026642)

Definition (MSH) Devices or pieces of equipment placed in or around the mouth or attached to instruments to protect the external or internal tissues of the mouth and the teeth.
Concepts Medical Device (T074)
MSH D009064
SnomedCT 272279009
English Mouth Protector, Mouth Protectors, Protector, Mouth, Protectors, Mouth, Mouth Guards, Guard, Mouth, Guards, Mouth, MOUTHGUARD, Mouth Guard, Mouth Piece, Protective, Mouth Pieces, Protective, Mouthpiece, Protective, Mouthpieces, Protective, Piece, Protective Mouth, Pieces, Protective Mouth, Protective Mouth Piece, Protective Mouth Pieces, Protective Mouthpiece, Protective Mouthpieces, bite guard, mouthguards, mouth guards, mouth protector, mouth protectors, mouth guard, mouthguard, Mouth protectors, BG - Bite guard, Bite guard, Gum shield, MG - Mouth guard, Mouth guard, Mouth protector, Sports mouth guard, Sports mouth guard (physical object)
Swedish Tandskydd
Czech ústa - protektory
Finnish Suunsuojaimet
French Protecteurs buccaux, Protecteurs dento-alvéolaires, Protège-dents, Protecteurs de bouche, Protège-bouche, Protecteur buccal
Polish Ochraniacze jamy ustnej, Szyny bokserskie
Japanese 口腔保護器, 口腔保護具, マウスピース, マウスガード, マウスプロテクター
Norwegian Munnbeskyttere, Tannbeskyttere
Italian Dispositivi di protezione per la bocca, Dispositivi di protezione per il cavo orale
Spanish protectores bucales de uso deportivo (objeto físico), protectores bucales de uso deportivo, Boquillas Protectoras, Protectores Bucales, Protectores de la Boca
German Mundschutz, Zahnschutz, Mundstücke, schützende
Dutch Mondbeschermer, Mondbeschermers, Mondbeschermingen, Mondstukken, beschermende
Portuguese Peças Protetoras da Boca, Protetores Bucais, Protetores da Boca
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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