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Duke Activity Status Index

Aka: Duke Activity Status Index, DASI
  1. See Also
    1. Exercise Energy Expenditure (note that METS vary from those listed here)
  2. Criteria
    1. Take care of yourself by eating, dressing, bathing,toileting? (2.75 METS)
    2. Walk indoors such as around the house? (1.75 METS)
    3. Walk a block on level ground? (2.75 METS)
    4. Climb a flight of stairs or walk up hill? (5.50 METS)
    5. Run a short distance? (8.00 METS)
    6. Do light housework such as dusting or washing dishes? (2.70 METS)
    7. Do moderate housework: vacuuming, sweeping, or carrying groceries? (3.50 METS)
    8. Do heavy housework such as scrubbing floors or moving furniture? (8.0 METS)
    9. Do yard work such as raking, weeding, or pushing a mower? (4.5 METS)
    10. Have sexual relations? (5.25 METS)
    11. Moderate Exercise such as golf, bowl, dance, doubles tennis, throw ball? (6 METS)
    12. Strenuous Exercise such as swim, ski, singles tennis, football, basketball? (7.5 METS)
  3. Interpretation
    1. DASI score is calculated by adding all performed METS together
    2. Best METS performed can also be used to predict functional capacity
      1. Preoperative evaluation requires that 4 METS can be performed
      2. Adequate Exercise Stress Test requires that 5 METS can be performed

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