Rheumatology Book


Osteoarthritis Imaging

Aka: Osteoarthritis Imaging, Osteoarthritis XRay, Joint Imaging in Osteoarthritis
  1. See Also
    1. Foot XRay in Osteoarthritis
    2. Hand XRay in Osteoarthritis
    3. Hip XRay in Osteoarthritis
    4. Knee XRay in Osteoarthritis
    5. Spine XRay in Osteoarthritis
    6. Shoulder XRay
  2. Efficacy
    1. XRay evidence found in 15% asymptomatic patients
    2. Correlation between XRay and Symptoms is variable
      1. Knee XRay correlates with symptoms in 85% of cases
      2. Hand and Wrist XRays correlate in 80% of cases
      3. Hip XRay correlates with symptoms in 75% of cases
  3. Imaging Modalities
    1. Joint XRay
      1. Initial Osteoarthritis evaluation
      2. Follow-up evaluations
    2. Joint CT
      1. Lumbar Spine evaluation for facet hypertrophy
    3. Joint MRI
      1. Post-Traumatic Injury evaluation
      2. Suspected malignancy or infection
      3. Neural foraminal impingement
    4. Joint Ultrasound
      1. Soft tissue cyst evaluation
  4. XRay Findings
    1. Non-uniform narrowing of joint space
    2. Subchondral bony sclerosis
    3. Marginal osteophyte formation
    4. Subchondral Cyst formation
    5. Gross deformity in advanced cases
  5. References
    1. Brower (1998) Arthritis Black and White, Saunders
    2. Klippel (1997) Primer Rheumatic Diseases, AF
    3. Swagerty (2001) Am Fam Physician 64(2):279-86 [PubMed]

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