Rheumatology Book



Aka: Dyschondroplasia
  1. Etiology
    1. Idiopathic
  2. Signs
    1. Unilateral joint deformity
    2. Knobby fingers
    3. Genu Valgum
  3. Imaging: XRay
    1. Bones shortened
    2. Rarefied shaft with streaks
    3. Dilated cortex
    4. Translucent metaphysis

Dyschondroplasias (C0013366)

Concepts Congenital Abnormality (T019)
MSH D010009
SnomedCT 205471005, 254143008, 205469005, 268274005, 16535008
English Dyschondroplasia, Dyschondroplasia NOS, Dyschondroplasias, dyschondroplasia, dyschondroplasia (diagnosis), Dyschondroplasia NOS (disorder), Dyschondroplasia (disorder)
Dutch dyschondroplasie, Dyschondroplasie
French Dyschondroplasie, Dyschondroplasies
German Dyschondroplasie, Dyschondroplasien
Italian Discondroplasia
Portuguese Discondroplasia, Discondroplasias
Spanish Discondroplasia, Discondroplasias, discondrodisplasia, no especificada (trastorno), discondroplasia (trastorno), discondrodisplasia, no especificada, discondroplasia
Japanese 軟骨形成不全症, ナンコツケイセイフゼンショウ
Czech Dyschondroplazie
Hungarian Dyschondroplasia
Norwegian Kondrodysplasi
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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