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Hypokalemia due to Extrarenal Potassium Loss

Aka: Hypokalemia due to Extrarenal Potassium Loss, Extrarenal Potassium Loss, Hypokalemia with Excessive Renal Losses
  1. See Also
    1. Serum Potassium
    2. Hypokalemia Approach
    3. Hypokalemia due to Renal Potassium Loss
    4. Hypokalemia due to Extrarenal Potassium Loss
    5. Hypokalemia due to Transcellular Potassium Shift
    6. Familial Periodic Paralysis
    7. Potassium Replacement
    8. Dietary Potassium
  2. Definition
    1. Hypokalemia with Urine Potassium < 20 meq/day
  3. Causes: Normal Acid-Base Status and Hypokalemia
    1. Chronic Diarrhea
    2. Acute Leukemia
    3. Aminoglycosides
    4. High dose Penicillin
    5. Hypomagnesemia
      1. Intracellular Magnesium is not reflected by Serum Magnesium level
      2. Consider empiric Magnesium Replacement in refractory Hypomagnesemia
    6. Constant GI loss and inadequate intake (<10-20 meq/day)
    7. Skin losses from sweating
  4. Causes: Metabolic Acidosis and Hypokalemia
    1. Diarrhea
    2. Amphotericin
    3. Diabetic Ketoacidosis
    4. Laxative abuse
    5. Intestinal or biliary fistula
    6. Ureterostomy
    7. Toluene
  5. Causes: Metabolic Alkalosis and Hypokalemia
    1. Gastrointestinal loss (Consider Bulimia)
      1. Vomiting
      2. Nasogastric suction
    2. Discontinued Diuretics

Hypokalemia, excessive renal losses (C0268018)

Concepts Finding (T033)
SnomedCT 282741000009105, 38495009
Spanish hipocalemia, pérdidas renales excesivas, hipercaliuria, hipokalemia, pérdidas renales excesivas, hipocaliemia, pérdidas renales excesivas (trastorno), hipocaliemia, pérdidas renales excesivas, hipopotasemia, pérdidas renales excesivas
English Elevated urine potassium, Potassium level in urine elevated, Potassium concentration in urine above normal, Potassium concentration in urine above normal (finding), Hyperkaluria, Hypokalemia, excessive renal losses, Hypokalaemia, excessive renal losses, Hypokalemia, excessive renal losses (disorder)
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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