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  • Hypomagnesemia



Aka: Hypomagnesemia, Low Serum Magnesium, Magnesium Deficiency, Hypermagnesemia
  1. See Also
    1. Serum Magnesium
    2. Magnesium Replacement
  2. Causes
    1. Decreased Intake
      1. Protein calorie Malnutrition
      2. Starvation
      3. Alcoholism (Prevalence: 30-80% of Alcoholics)
        1. Among the most common causes of Hypomagnesemia in the Emergency Department
      4. Prolonged IV Therapy
        1. Inadequate parenteral supplementation
    2. Decreased Absorption
      1. Malabsorption (e.g. Celiac Sprue, Crohns Disease)
      2. Small Intestine absorption
      3. Neonatal gut immaturity
    3. Excessive Gastrointestinal losses
      1. Prolonged gastric suction
      2. Laxatives
      3. Intestinal or biliary fistula
      4. Severe Diarrhea
    4. Excessive Renal Losses
      1. Diuretics
      2. Acute Tubular Necrosis (Diuretic phase)
      3. Acute Renal Failure diuresis
      4. Primary Aldosteronism
      5. Hypercalcemia
      6. Renal Tubular Acidosis (RTA)
      7. Idiopathic renal wasting
      8. Chronic Renal Failure with wasting
    5. Miscellaneous Causes
      1. Idiopathic
      2. Acute Pancreatitis
      3. Porphyria with SIADH
      4. Multiple transfusions with citrated blood
    6. Endocrine
      1. Hyperthyroidism
      2. Hyperparathyroidism
      3. Poorly controlled Diabetes Mellitus and Diabetic Ketoacidosis
      4. Hyperaldosteronism
    7. Medications
      1. Cisplatin
      2. Cyclosporin
      3. Gentamycin
      4. Ticarcillin
      5. Carbenicillin
  3. Symptoms
    1. Loss of appetite
    2. Nausea or Vomiting
    3. Fatigue
    4. Weakness
    5. Vertigo
    6. Dysphagia
    7. Parasthesias
  4. Signs
    1. Seizures
    2. Muscle cramps to Tetany
    3. Chvostek's Signs
    4. Vertical Nystagmus
    5. Arrhythmias
  5. Management
    1. See Magnesium Replacement

Hypomagnesemia (C0151723)

Definition (NCI_CTCAE) A disorder characterized by laboratory test results that indicate a low concentration of magnesium in the blood.
Definition (NCI_NICHD) Hypomagnesemia is an electrolyte disturbance in which there is an abnormally low level of magnesium in the blood (less than 0.7 mmol/L)
Definition (NCI) Lower than normal levels of magnesium in the circulating blood.
Concepts Finding (T033)
ICD10 E83.42
SnomedCT 82020005, 190855004
English HYPOMAGNESEMIA, HYPOMAGNESAEMIA, hypomagnesemia (diagnosis), low blood magnesium level, hypomagnesemia, hypomagnesaemia, Magnesium deficiency syndrome, Hypomagnesemia, Hypomagnesaemia, Hypomagnesemia (disorder), Hypomagnesemia (disorder) [Ambiguous]
Italian Ipomagnesiemia
Japanese 低マグネシウム血症, テイマグネシウムケッショウ, テイマグネシウムケツショウ
Portuguese HIPOMAGNESEMIA, Hipomagnesemia
Spanish HIPOMAGNESEMIA, hipomagnesemia (concepto no activo), hipomagnesemia (trastorno), hipomagnesemia, síndrome por deficiencia de magnesio, Hipomagnesemia
French HYPOMAGNESEMIE, Hypomagnésémie
German HYPOMAGNESIAEMIE, Hypomagnesiaemie
Czech Hypomagnezemie
Hungarian Hypomagnesaemia
Dutch hypomagnesiëmie
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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