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Urine Chloride

Aka: Urine Chloride
  1. Interpretation: Normal
    1. Urine Chloride: 110-250 mEq per 24 hours
  2. Interpretation: Increased
    1. Barter's syndrome
    2. Medications
      1. Corticosteroids
  3. Interpretation: Decreased
    1. Chloride depletion due to Gastrointestinal Loss
      1. Vomiting
      2. Diuretics
    2. Colonic villous adenoma

Chloride measurement, urine (C0201953)

Concepts Laboratory Procedure (T059)
SnomedCT 167447009, 144672000, 14663000
CPT 82436
English Chloride; urine, urine chloride measurement (lab test), urine chloride measurement, urine chloride, chloride urine test, chloride urine, chlorides urine, Urine chloride, Urine chloride level, Measurement of chloride in urine, Urine chloride level (procedure), Urine Chloride Test, Chloride measurement, urine, Chloride measurement, urine (procedure), ASSAY OF URINE CHLORIDE, Assay of urine chloride, CHLORIDE URINE
Italian Cloruro urinario
Japanese 尿中クロール, ニョウチュウクロール
Spanish orina, medición de cloruro en orina (procedimiento), medición de cloruro en orina, Cloro en orina
Czech Chloridy v moči
Hungarian Vizelet klorid
French Chlorure urinaire
Portuguese Cloro na urina
Dutch urine chloride
German Chlorid im Urin
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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