Radiology Book


  • XRay Interpretation


XRay Interpretation

Aka: XRay Interpretation
  1. Approach: Check Written Information
    1. Patient Name
    2. Exam Date and Time
    3. Technician Notations (e.g. Expiration film)
  2. Approach: Patient Position
    1. Supine
    2. Semiupright
    3. Erect
  3. Approach: Patient Alignment
    1. Rotation
    2. Lordosis or kyphosis
  4. Approach: Penetration
    1. Over-penetration: Dark films
      1. Consider using "bright-light" to see details
    2. Under-penetration: White films
  5. Approach: Systematic Review
    1. Prowl the film
      1. View film from different angles and distances
    2. Establish strong, even illumination
      1. Turn off surrounding light panels
      2. Dim room lights

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