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Somatization Risk Factors

Aka: Somatization Risk Factors, Somatization Causes, Multiple Somatic Complaint Risk Factors, Multiple Somatic Complaint Causes
  1. See Also
    1. Somatoform Disorders
  2. Risk Factors: Young Patients
    1. Major Depression
    2. Overwork
    3. Failing Relationships
    4. Major unresolved decisions
    5. Chronic anxiety
    6. Malingering
    7. Somatization Disorder
    8. Mononucleosis
    9. Hepatitis
    10. Rheumatic or Endocrine Disease
    11. Toxins
    12. Tumor
  3. Risk Factors: Geriatric Patients
    1. Cardiac Disease
    2. Renal Disease
    3. Hepatic disease
    4. Anemia
    5. Drug Abuse
    6. Medication use or medication adverse effects
      1. Analgesics
      2. Sedative-Hypnotic medications (e.g Benzodiazepines)
      3. Laxatives

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