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Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder

Aka: Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder, Sleep Phase Rhythm Disturbance
  1. Types: Extrinsic
    1. Shift Work Disorder
    2. Jet Lag
    3. Delayed Sleep Phase
  2. Types: Intrinsic
    1. Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder
      1. See Delayed Sleep Phase
      2. Late sleep onset as well as late wake-up time
      3. Results in excessive Daytime Sleepiness and Insomnia
    2. Advanced Sleep Phase Syndrome
      1. Sleepiness onset early in the evening (before 8 pm) with early awakening (by 3 am)
    3. Irregular Sleep-Wake Rhythm
      1. Sleep primarily occurs during multiple naps irregularly and inconsistently spaced throughout the day
      2. No primary sleep time occurs overnight
    4. Non-24-hour Sleep-Wake Syndrome
      1. Consistent circadian cycle of longer than a 24 hour day
      2. Results in gradually advancing sleep and wake times that progress each day
      3. For example, bedtimes advances from 10 pm to 11 to 12 to 1... until over a 3 week period, they return to a 10 pm bedtime
  3. Resources
    1. Wikipedia - Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder
  4. References
    1. Ramar (2013) Am Fam Physician 88(4): 231-8 [PubMed]

Sleep phase rhythm disturbance (C0852566)

Concepts Mental or Behavioral Dysfunction (T048)
Italian Aritmie delle fasi del sonno, Disturbi del ritmo delle fasi del sonno, Disturbo del ritmo delle fasi del sonno
Japanese 睡眠リズム障害, 睡眠期リズム障害, スイミンリズムショウガイ, スイミンキリズムショウガイ
Czech Poruchy rytmu spánku, Poruchy spánkového rytmu, Porucha spánkového rytmu
English Sleep phase rhythm disturbance, Sleep phase rhythm disturbances, Disturbances in sleep phase rhythm
Hungarian Alvásfázis ritmuszavara, Alvási fázis ritmuszavarai, Alvási fázis ritmus zavarai
Portuguese Alteração do ritmo das fases do sono, Alterações do ritmo das fases do sono, Perturbações do ritmo das fases do sono
Spanish Alteraciones del ritmo de las fases del sueño, Alteración del ritmo de las fases del sueño, Trastornos del ritmo de las fases del sueño
Dutch slaapfase ritmestoornissen, slaapritme afwijking, stoornissen in het ritme van de slaapfase
French Perturbations du rythme de la phase sommeil, Trouble du rythme des phases de sommeil, Troubles du sommeil liés au rythme circadien
German Stoerung des Schlafphasenrhythmus, Stoerungen der Schlafphasenrhythmen, Stoerungen des Schlafphasenrhythmus
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

Sleep Disorders, Circadian Rhythm (C0877792)

Definition (NCI) A sleep disorder characterized by persistent sleep disruption (excessive sleepiness and/or insomnia) that is due to a conflict between the individual's internal sleep-wake system and the demands of his or her environment regarding the timing and duration of sleep.
Definition (MSH) Dyssomnias associated with disruption of the normal 24 hour sleep wake cycle secondary to travel (e.g., JET LAG SYNDROME), shift work, or other causes.
Concepts Pathologic Function (T046)
MSH D020178
ICD9 327.3
ICD10 G47.2, G47.20
SnomedCT 206746001, 194440008, 3745000, 271794005
DSM4 307.45
English Disorders/sleep-wake schedule, Sleep rhythm problems, [D]Sleep rhythm problems, SLEEP WAKE CYCLE DIS, SLEEP WAKE SCHEDULE DIS, CIRCADIAN RHYTHM SLEEP DIS, SLEEP DIS CIRCADIAN RHYTHM, Disorder of sleep-wake sched, Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders, Cycle Disorder, Sleep-Wake, Cycle Disorders, Sleep-Wake, Sleep Wake Cycle Disorders, Sleep-Wake Cycle Disorder, Sleep-Wake Cycle Disorders, Sleep Wake Schedule Disorders, Sleep-Wake Schedule Disorder, Sleep-Wake Schedule Disorders, Disturbed Nyctohemeral Rhythm, Disturbed Nyctohemeral Rhythms, Nyctohemeral Rhythm, Disturbed, Nyctohemeral Rhythms, Disturbed, Sleep wake schedule disorder NOS, Disorders of the sleep wake schedule, Circadian rhythm sleep disorders, Sleep Disorders, Circadian Rhythm [Disease/Finding], circadian rhythm sleep disorders, sleep wake schedule disorder, Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder, Sleep Disorders, Circadian Rhythm, circadian rhythm sleep disorder (diagnosis), sleep disorder circadian rhythm, circadian rhythm sleep disorder, Sleep-wake schedule disorder, Disorders of the sleep-wake schedule, Disturbed nyctohemeral rhythm, Sleep rhythm problem, Disorder of sleep-wake cycle, Disorder of sleep-wake schedule, Circadian rhythm sleep disorder, Disorder of sleep-wake cycle (disorder), Sleep-wake schedule disorder (disorder), sleep-wake schedule disorder, circadian rhythm; sleep disorder, sleep disorder; circadian rhythm, sleep disorder; sleep-wake pattern or schedule, sleep-wake pattern or schedule; sleep disorder, Sleep-wake schedule disorder, NOS, Circadian rhythm sleep disorder, NOS
Italian Alterazione del ritmo circadiano del sonno, Patologia del ritmo sonno-veglia, Disturbi del ciclo sonno-veglia, Disturbo del ciclo sonno-veglia, Turbe del sonno da ritmi circadiani, Disturbi del sonno da alterazioni del ritmo circadiano
Dutch slaap-waak ritmestoornis, circadiaan ritme; slaapstoornis, slaapstoornis; circadiaan ritme, slaapstoornis; slaapwaakpatroon of -ritme, slaapwaakpatroon of -ritme; slaapstoornis, Stoornissen in slaap-waakritme, circadiane slaapritmestoornis, Slaapstoornis gebonden aan de circadiane ritmiek, Slaapstoornissen gebonden aan de circadiane ritmiek, Stoornis in het slaap-wakkerritme
French Trouble du rythme veille-sommeil, Trouble du sommeil lié au rythme circadien, Troubles du cycle veille-sommeil, Troubles du rythme circadien du sommeil, Troubles du rythme nycthéméral, Troubles du rythme nyctéméral, Troubles du rythme veille-sommeil
German Schlaf-Wach-Rhythmus-Stoerung, Stoerungen des Schlaf-Wach-Rhythmus, Schlafstörungen, zirkadianer Rhythmus, Schlaf-Wach-Rhythmusstörungen, Zirkadianer Rhythmus, Schlafstörungen
Portuguese Perturbação da hora de acordar, Perturbação do ritmo circadiano do sono, Transtornos do Ciclo Sono-Vigília, Transtornos do Sono do Ritmo Circadiano
Spanish Trastorno del ciclo sueño-vigilia, alteraciones del esquema de sueño y vigilia, trastorno del ciclo de sueño - vigilia (trastorno), trastorno del ciclo de sueño - vigilia, trastorno del ciclo sueño-vigilia (trastorno), trastorno del ciclo sueño-vigilia, Trastorno del ritmo circadiano del sueño, Trastornos del Ciclo Sueño-Vigilia, Trastornos del Sueño del Ritmo Circadiano
Japanese 睡眠覚醒リズム障害, スイミンカクセイリズムショウガイ, ガイジツリズムスイミンショウガイ, 交代勤務睡眠障害, 睡眠障害-交代勤務, 睡眠障害-交替勤務, サーカディアンリズム睡眠障害, 睡眠障害-概日リズム, 交替勤務睡眠障害, 睡眠覚醒サイクル障害, 概日リズム睡眠障害, 睡眠障害-サーカディアンリズム, ガイニチリズムスイミンショウガイ
Swedish Sömnstörningar, dygnsrytm
Czech poruchy cyklu spánek-bdění, spánek - poruchy cirkadiánního rytmu, Porucha rytmu spánek bdění, Porucha cirkadiánního spánkového rytmu
Finnish Uni-valverytmin häiriöt
Korean 수면-각성 양상의 장애
Polish Zaburzenia rytmu snu związane z pracą zmianową, Zaburzenia dobowego rytmu snu
Hungarian Alvás-ébrenlét séma zavara, Alvásritmus circadian zavara
Norwegian Søvnforstyrrelser, irregulært søvn-våken-mønster
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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