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Relaxation Technique

Aka: Relaxation Technique, Relaxation Therapy, Relaxation Training, Mindfulness
  1. See Also
    1. Progressive Relaxation
    2. Sleep Hygiene
  2. Indications
    1. Anxiety Disorder
    2. Insomnia
  3. Techniques
    1. Progressive Muscle Relaxation (Progressive Relaxation)
    2. Mental imaging
      1. Listen to relaxation tapes (Classical Music or Nature sounds)
      2. Imagine a tranquil scene (e.g. waterfall or beach)
    3. Meditation
    4. Mindfulness-based stress reduction
    5. Yoga
    6. Self-Hypnosis
    7. Biofeedback (visual or auditory)
      1. Patient learns to control physiologic responses (e.g. developing Muscle tension)
    8. Breathing retraining (arousal reduction)
      1. Take a deep breath
      2. Let breath out through pursed lips
      3. Abdominal breathing
      4. Box breathing for 1-2 minutes
        1. Inhale slowly for 3-5 seconds and hold for 3-5 seconds
        2. Exhale slowly for 3-5 seconds and hold for 3-5 seconds
    9. Massage
      1. Gentle 5-minute back rub prior to bedtime
  4. Resources
    1. Davis (2008) The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook, New Harbinger
      1. Paid link to (ISBN 1572245492)
    2. Headspace Application
    3. Mindfulness Coach Application (VA)
    4. Tara Brach (podcasts)
  5. References
    1. Maness (2015) Am Fam Physician 92(12): 1058-64 [PubMed]

Relaxation Therapy (C0282333)

Definition (MSH) Treatment to improve one's health condition by using techniques that can reduce PHYSIOLOGICAL STRESS; PSYCHOLOGICAL STRESS; or both.
Definition (NCI) A therapeutic regimen in which the patient is guided by the therapist into alternate relaxation and flexing of muscles throughout the body as a method of pain control. It is related to guided imagery and distraction and attention therapies.
Definition (PSY) Therapy emphasizing relaxation and teaching a person or patient how to relax in order to reduce psychological tensions.
Concepts Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure (T061)
MSH D012064
SnomedCT 151252005, 64299003
Japanese リラクゼーションリョウホウ, 除緊療法, 緊張し緩法, リラクセーション技法, リラクゼーション技法, リラクゼーション療法, 緊張弛緩法
Finnish Rentoutumismenetelmät
English relaxation training, behavior therapy relaxation training, relaxation training (treatment), psychotherapeutic rehabilitation: relaxation training, THER RELAXATION, Relaxation Therapy, RELAXATION THER, Therapy, Relaxation, relaxation therapies, Therapy;relaxation, relaxation therapy, therapy relaxation, Relaxation therapy (procedure), Relaxation training therapy, RT - Relaxation training, Relaxation therapy, Relaxation training, Relaxation training therapy (regime/therapy), Relaxation training therapy (regime/therapy)(procedure), Relaxation/breathing techniques treatments and procedures, Relaxtion/breathing techniques treatments and procedures
Czech Relaxační léčba, relaxační terapie
Spanish Terapia por Relajación, terapia de entrenamiento en relajación, terapia de relajación (procedimiento), terapia de relajación (régimen/tratamiento), terapia de relajación, Terapia de relajación
French Thérapie par la relaxation, Relaxation thérapeutique, Relaxothérapie
Italian Terapia di rilassamento, Rilassamento terapeutico
Portuguese Terapia de Relaxamento, Terapia por Relaxamento, Terapia de relaxamento
Swedish Avslappningsterapi
German Entspannungstherapie, Therapie, Entspannung
Polish Leczenie relaksacyjne, Trening relaksacyjny, Ćwiczenia relaksacyjno-koncentrujące, Metody relaksacyjne, Techniki relaksacyjne
Hungarian Relaxációs kezelés
Norwegian Avspenningsterapi
Dutch relaxatietherapie
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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