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Trained Night Crier

Aka: Trained Night Crier
  1. See Also
    1. Sleep Problems in Children
    2. Night Awakening in Children
    3. Trained Night Feeder
    4. Fearful Night Crier
  2. Place baby in crib drowsy but awake
    1. Helps him learn self-quieting behavior
    2. Baby cries
      1. Check on child every 15 minutes
      2. Stay for only 1 minute
      3. Hug or pat him and comfort with soothing words
      4. Do not turn on lights
      5. Do not rock or play with him
      6. Do not bring him to bed with you
      7. Do not feed or even lift out of crib
      8. Infant may cry 30-90 minute before sleeping
    3. Baby continues to cry (unable to self-comfort)
      1. Hold him and Rock to sleep
      2. Stay quiet
        1. Avoid talking to him
        2. Avoid turning on lights or leaving room
  3. Reference
    1. Schmitt (1991), Your Child's Health [PubMed]

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