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Self Hypnosis

Aka: Self Hypnosis
  1. See Also
    1. Hypnosis
    2. Hypnotic Suggestibility
    3. Progressive Relaxation in Hypnosis
    4. Hypnotic Induction
    5. Coin Technique for Hypnotic Induction
    6. Eye Fixation for Hypnotic Induction
    7. Two-Finger Technique for Hypnotic Induction in Children
    8. Therapeutic Suggestion in Hypnosis
    9. Hypnosis Conclusion
  2. Relaxation
    1. See Relaxation Techniques in Hypnosis
    2. See Progressive Relaxation in Hypnosis
  3. Technqiue: Self-Induction Technique Example
    1. Establish a Trigger (e.g. balloon)
    2. Patient flexes arms forward
    3. Patient then lets arms drop, resting lightly on knees
    4. Slowly raise one arm to mid-height raised by balloon
    5. Raise yourself to top of mountain
    6. Ski slowly down the mountain
    7. Ski into a "special place"
    8. Walk through "magic door" into training area
      1. Inside chalet by fire
      2. Through back door into a classroom
      3. Connect with students and teaching
  4. Technique: Suggestions for Hypnosis
    1. Make suggestions positive
    2. Suggestions should be relevant to current issues
  5. Technique: Exiting Hypnosis
    1. Leave classroom
    2. Go back up the mountain

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