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Hypnotic Suggestibility

Aka: Hypnotic Suggestibility
  1. See Also
    1. Hypnosis
    2. Hypnotic Phenomena
    3. Self Hypnosis
    4. Progressive Relaxation in Hypnosis
    5. Hypnotic Induction
    6. Coin Technique for Hypnotic Induction
    7. Eye Fixation for Hypnotic Induction
    8. Two-Finger Technique for Hypnotic Induction in Children
    9. Therapeutic Suggestion in Hypnosis
    10. Hypnosis Conclusion
  2. Evaluation: Initial Maneuvers
    1. Hypnotic Induction
  3. Evaluation: Suggestibility Testing
    1. Raise Hands
      1. Coming together as if drawn by a magnet, Rubber band
    2. Deeply asleep and dream for one minute
    3. Going back in time
      1. Return to childhood (third or fourth grade)
      2. Progress step by step forward over time until present
    4. Limit memory
      1. Initially can not remember what happened in Hypnosis
      2. Examiner says "Now you can remember"
      3. Patient able to then remember
    5. Suggested Actions
      1. Examiner suggests scratching ankle under induction
        1. Examiner taps 3 times on the table
        2. Patient comes out of trance and scratches ankle
      2. Examiner suggests writing down Hypnosis experience
        1. Examiner says "Now you can remember"
        2. Patient comes out of trance and writes experience

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