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Hypnotic Induction in Children

Aka: Hypnotic Induction in Children, Two-Finger Technique for Hypnotic Induction in Children
  1. See Also
    1. Hypnosis
    2. Hypnotic Suggestibility
    3. Hypnotic Phenomena
    4. Self Hypnosis
    5. Progressive Relaxation in Hypnosis
    6. Hypnotic Induction
    7. Coin Technique for Hypnotic Induction
    8. Eye Fixation for Hypnotic Induction
    9. Therapeutic Suggestion in Hypnosis
    10. Hypnosis Conclusion
  2. Preparation
    1. Parent helps child position his or her fingers
    2. Tips of first finger and little finger on chair arm
    3. Middle and ring fingers extended, not touching chair
  3. Technqiue
    1. Now let's play a little game, shall we?
    2. Let's play that this finger (touching the forefinger) and this one (touching the little finger) have gone to bed on the arm of the chair.
    3. Now watch these other two fingers; keep your eyes right on them.
    4. They are getting tired too and want to go to bed.
    5. Now watch as they slowly go down on the chair.
    6. As they do this, your eyes will get tired and they will close.
    7. Then we will play that all of you is in bed, real warm, and quiet.

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