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Aka: Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy
  1. See Also
    1. Hypnotic Suggestibility
    2. Hypnotic Phenomena
    3. Self Hypnosis
    4. Progressive Relaxation in Hypnosis
    5. Hypnotic Induction
    6. Coin Technique for Hypnotic Induction
    7. Eye Fixation for Hypnotic Induction
    8. Two-Finger Technique for Hypnotic Induction in Children
    9. Therapeutic Suggestion in Hypnosis
    10. Hypnosis Conclusion
  2. Definition: Hypnosis is a procedure of suggestions
    1. Sensations and Perceptions
    2. Thoughts and Feelings
    3. Behaviors
  3. Contraindications: Relative
    1. Dissociative disorder
    2. History of physical, sexual or emotional abuse
    3. History of major Trauma
  4. Background: Factors for Hypnosis (Shor)
    1. Depth of trance
      1. Fading of generalized reality orientation
    2. Depth of involuntarism or non-conscious involvement
      1. Hypnotic role playing (able to undergo phenomena)
    3. Depth of transference
      1. Relationship between hypnotist and patient
      2. Patient's self relationship (emotional control)
  5. Background: Misconceptions Disarmed
    1. No loss of control
    2. Characteristics of subject do not prevent Hypnosis
    3. Characteristics of trance do not uncover hidden truths
  6. Technique: Assessing Hypnotic Responsiveness
    1. Stanford Hypnotic Clinical Scale for Adults
    2. Canned Induction
    3. Hypnotic Phenomena with scoring
    4. Hypnotic Suggestibility
  7. Technique: Approach
    1. Preparation
      1. Assess hypnotic responsiveness (See above)
      2. Set Goals for Hypnosis
    2. Relaxation
      1. See Relaxation Techniques in Hypnosis
      2. See Progressive Relaxation in Hypnosis
    3. Hypnotic Induction
      1. Coin Technique for Hypnotic Induction
      2. Eye Fixation for Hypnotic Induction
      3. Hypnotic Induction in Children
    4. Hypnotic Suggestion
    5. Hypnosis Conclusion (returning to awareness)
    6. Follow-up
      1. Teach Self-Hypnosis
  8. References
    1. See Hypnosis Resources

Hypnotherapy (C0020587)

Definition (NCI) Therapeutic use of hypnotism. It has been used to treat phobias and anxiety, to manage pain, and to extinguish habits and addictions. (Taber's)
Definition (MSH) A state of increased receptivity to suggestion and direction, initially induced by the influence of another person.
Definition (PSY) Trance-like state induced by effective suggestion and characterized by increased suggestibility to the hypnotist. For hypnosis used in treatment, use HYPNOTHERAPY.
Definition (PSY) Use of hypnosis in treatment.
Definition (CSP) state of increased receptivity to suggestion and direction, initially induced by the influence of another person.
Definition (NIC) Assisting a patient to induce an altered state of consciousness to create an acute awareness and a directed focus experience
Definition (ALT) Facilitating deep relaxation for a client to access his or her subconscious mind to influence health and/or well being during consciousness. Any practitioner using this code must document appropriate training and/or certification. Service is billed in 15-minute increments.
Concepts Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure (T061)
MSH D006990
ICD9 94.32
SnomedCT 70503004, 151646001, 151645002, 183409005, 151644003, 19997007, 183408002
CPT 90880
English Hypnoses, Hypnosis, HYPNOTHERAPY, Therapeutic hypnosis, Therapeutic hypnosis NOS, hypnosis, Mental Health @ None @ Hypnosis @ None @ None @ None @ None, Hypnotherapy, hypnotism, hypnoses, Therapeutic hypnosis NOS (regime/therapy), Therapeutic hypnosis (regime/therapy), Hypnotism, Mesmerism, Hypnosis for therapy, hypnotherapy, Hypnosis for therapy (procedure), Hypnotherapy (procedure), Therapeutic hypnosis NOS (procedure), Hypnosis for therapy (regime/therapy), Hypnotherapy (regime/therapy), Hypnotherapy individual each 15 minutes, hypnoTx ndvdl ea.15min
Italian Ipnoterapia, Ipnosi
Japanese 催眠療法, サイミンリョウホウ
Swedish Hypnos
Spanish hipnosis para tratamiento (procedimiento), hipnoterapia (procedimiento), hipnosis terapéutica, SAI (procedimiento), Therapeutic hypnosis NOS, hipnosis terapéutica, SAI, hipnosis terapéutica, SAI (régimen/tratamiento), Magnetismo Animal, hipnosis para tratamiento, hipnosis, hipnoterapia, hipnotismo, mesmerismo, Hipnoterapia, hipnosis para tratamiento (régimen/tratamiento), hipnoterapia (régimen/tratamiento), Hipnosis
Czech hypnóza, Hypnoterapie
Finnish Hypnoosi
Croatian HIPNOZA
Polish Hipnoza, Mesmeryzm
Hungarian Hypnotherapia
Norwegian Hypnose
Portuguese Magnetismo Animal, Hipnoterapia, Hipnose
Dutch hypnotherapie, Hypnose
French Hypnothérapie, Hypnose
German Hypnotherapie, Hypnose
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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