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Aka: Cigarette, Tobacco, Tobacco Abuse, Tobacco Smoking
  1. See Also
    1. Tobacco Cessation
    2. Passive Smoke Exposure
  2. Epidemiology
    1. Smoking is the top cause of preventable death in U.S.
      1. Dwarfs Alcohol and Drug Abuse deaths and HIV combined
    2. Mortality in the United States
      1. Deaths per year: 434,000
      2. Deaths per day: >1000
    3. Prevalence of smoking in United States
      1. Overall adults: 25% (47 Million smoking)
      2. Ages 18-24 years: 33%
    4. Medical costs of Tobacco Abuse
      1. Direct: $50 billion
      2. Indirect: may approach additional $50 billion
  3. Risk Factors
    1. Lower socioeconomic groups
    2. Lower education Levels
    3. Adult smokers begin in adolescence (95% before age 20)
  4. Complications: Tobacco Abuse in Pregnancy
    1. Low Birth Weight Infant
    2. High Carbon Monoxide load for fetus
    3. High Hematocrit for fetus
  5. Labs
    1. Spirometry in 10 pack year smokers over age 40
      1. Evaluate for COPD
    2. References
      1. Zielinski (2001) Chest 119:731-6 [PubMed]
  6. Adverse Effects
    1. Low tar Cigarettes carry the same risk of Lung Cancer
      1. Harris (2004) 328:72-6 [PubMed]
    2. College student smokers have impaired quality of life
      1. Martinez (2004) Chest 125:425-8 [PubMed]
    3. Infections with increased risk related to Tobacco use
      1. Upper Respiratory Infections
      2. Pneumonia
      3. Tuberculosis
      4. Influenza
      5. Legionnaire's Disease
      6. Periodontal Disease and ulcers
      7. Otitis Media (Passive Smoke Exposure)
      8. Arcavi (2004) Arch Intern Med 164:2206-16 [PubMed]
  7. Management
    1. See Tobacco Cessation
    2. See Lung Cancer Screening CT Chest
    3. See Screening for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
  8. Resources
    1. CDC Tobacco Page

Tobacco Use Disorder (C0040336)

Definition (MSHCZE) Tabák užívaný na úkor zdraví člověka nebo jeho fungování ve společnosti. Deskriptor zahrnuje i závislost na tabáku. R
Definition (CCC) Excessive use of tobacco products
Definition (MSH) Tobacco used to the detriment of a person's health or social functioning. Tobacco dependence is included.
Definition (CSP) tobacco used to the detriment of a person's health or social functioning; tobacco dependence is included.
Concepts Finding (T033)
MSH D014029
ICD9 305.1
SnomedCT 110483000, 89765005
LNC LP36308-2, MTHU019365
English TOBACCO ABUSE, Disorder, Tobacco Use, Disorder, Tobacco-Use, Tobacco Use Disorders, Tobacco-Use Disorder, Tobacco use disorder, Tobacco Use Disorder, tobacco use disorder, TOBACCO USE DIS, Tobacco Abuse, Tobacco Use Disorder [Disease/Finding], rndx tobacco abuse, rndx tobacco abuse (diagnosis), Abuse;tobacco, tobacco user, tobacco users, tobacco abuse, abuse tobacco, Tobacco use, tobacco abuse (diagnosis), Tobacco abuse, Tobacco user, Tobacco user (finding), abuse; tobacco, tobacco; abuse, Tobacco user (life style)
Italian Abuso di tabacco, Utilizzatore di tabacco, Disturbi da uso di tabacco
Dutch tabakgebruiksstoornis, Tabaksmisbruik, misbruik; tabak, tabak; misbruik, tabaksgebruiker, tabaksmisbruik, Aandoening ten gevolge van tabaksgebruik, Tabaksgebruik, aandoening ten gevolge van
Portuguese Afecção pelo consumo de tabaco, Abuso de tabaco, Consumidor de tabaco, Transtorno por Uso de Tabaco
Spanish Trastorno por consumo de tabaco, abuso de tabaco, consumidor de tabaco (estilo de vida) (estilo de vida), consumidor de tabaco (estilo de vida), consumidor de tabaco (hallazgo), consumidor de tabaco, Abuso de tabaco, Usuario de tabaco, Trastorno por Uso de Tabaco
Japanese タバコ乱用, タバコ使用者, タバコランヨウ, タバコシヨウシャ, ニコチン依存, 喫煙性人格障害, 人格障害-喫煙性, ニコチン障害, タバコ使用障害, タバコシヨウショウガイ, タバコ依存, 異常喫煙
Swedish Tobaksberoende
Czech nikotinismus, otrava tabákem, Zneužívání tabáku, Porucha užívání tabáku, Uživatel tabáku, poruchy vyvolané užíváním tabáku, tabakismus
Finnish Tupakkariippuvuus
Polish Nikotynizm
Hungarian Dohányzási betegség, Dohányzó, Dohány abúzus
Norwegian Skadelig tobakksbruk, Psykiske forstyrrelser og atferdsforstyrrelser som skyldes bruk av tobakk
German Stoerung durch Tabakgenuss, Störung durch Tabakgenuß, Tabakkonsument, Tabakmissbrauch
French Consommateur de tabac, Abus tabagique, Trouble lié à la consommation de tabac, Trouble lié au tabac, Trouble lié au tabagisme
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

Cigarette (C0677453)

Definition (MSH) Roll of dried and finely cut TOBACCO leaves wrapped in a cylinder of thin paper used for SMOKING.
Definition (NCI) Finely cut tobacco encased in a wrapper of thin paper and rolled for smoking.
Concepts Manufactured Object (T073)
MSH D062789
LNC LA15332-2
English CIGARETTES (CONTAINING TOBACCO), cigarettes, cigarette, Cigarettes, Cigarette
Czech cigarety
French Cigarettes
German Zigaretten
Italian Sigarette
Spanish Cigarrillos
Portuguese Cigarros
Norwegian Sigaretter
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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