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Primitive Defenses

Aka: Primitive Defenses
  1. See Also
    1. Personality Disorder
  2. Types: Primitive
    1. Blocking
      1. "I can't say or remember that"
    2. Introjection
      1. "I'll use that trick"
    3. Transference
      1. "You're like my father who never cared for me"
    4. Countertransference
      1. "The patient is crazy; I won't deal with him"
  3. Types: Ordinary
    1. Displacement
      1. Spanking the bear instead of your parents
    2. Inhibition
      1. Did not work before, might not work now
    3. Reaction formation
    4. Repression-of emotion
    5. Sexualization
    6. Externalization
    7. Intellectualization
      1. Its possible that one might misinterpret this
  4. Types: Higher Defenses
    1. Altruism
    2. Anticipation
    3. Planning
    4. Asceticism
    5. Humor
    6. Sublimation
    7. Suppression
  5. Types: Obsessive Compulsive
    1. Isolation
    2. Undoing
    3. Reaction formation: anal
  6. References
    1. Robinson, Disordered Personalities: A Primer

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