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Booster Car Seat

Aka: Booster Car Seat, Booster Seat
  1. Indication
    1. Child age 4-8 years old or <57 inches tall
    2. See Adult Safety Belt for guidelines
  2. Types
    1. High-back Booster Seat (includes harness system)
      1. Used for child over 20-30 pounds (over age 1 year)
      2. Child 40 pounds or less: Harness used
      3. Child over 40 pounds
        1. Harness removed from seat
        2. Seat raises child to use vehicle Seat Belt
        3. Clip at top of seat positions Shoulder belt
        4. Shoulder belt crosses mid-clavicle and mid-chest
        5. Lap belt fits tightly over upper thighs
    2. High-back Booster Seat (without harness system)
      1. Used for child weight over 40 pounds
      2. Otherwise same as high-back Booster Seat above
    3. No-back or low-back shielded Booster Seat (avoid)
      1. Used for child over 40 pounds
      2. No head or neck protection in rear-end impact
  3. Recommended Booster Seat
    1. Century Breverra Premiere 4885 or 4880 ($60)
  4. References
    1. (Sept, 1995) Consumer Reports [PubMed]

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