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Intimate Partner Violence Screening

Aka: Intimate Partner Violence Screening, Domestic Violence Screening
  1. See Also
    1. Intimate Partner Violence
  2. Background
    1. Most Battered Women require 7 episodes on average to leave a relationship, due to many barriers
      1. Victims are at high risk of serious injury or death at times they leave perpetrator
      2. Fear and shame
      3. Children are threatened
      4. Perpetrator holds onto victims money, passport, identification
    2. Vigilent and systematic screening is key
      1. May result in providing patients the intervention at the right time to spare further injury or death
    3. Violence often involves others in the same household
      1. Child Abuse
      2. Elder Abuse
      3. Animal abuse
  3. History: Example scripts
    1. Excuse others in room
      1. "I have a few quick questions I ask all patients and then I will let you back into the room"
    2. With the patient alone
      1. "I have a few brief questions I ask everyone because Violence against women is common and serious."
    3. "The injuries you have do not seem to match the story. Can you tell me how this happened?"
    4. "Has anyone hit, kicked, choked or punched you in the last year?"
    5. "Forced or coerced you to have sex?"
    6. "Threatened you with a knife or gun to scare or hurt you?"
  4. Screening
    1. SAFE Screen for Intimate Partner Violence
    2. HITS Screen for Intimate Partner Violence
    3. Women Abuse Screening Tool (WAST, WAST-SF)
    4. Partner Violence Screen
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