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Tamper Resistant Prescription

Aka: Tamper Resistant Prescription
  1. Background
    1. Requirements for Medicaid Prescriptions as of October 1, 2008
      1. Medicaid will not reimburse for non-compliant prescriptions
    2. Exclusions
      1. Not required for Medicare
      2. Does not apply to faxed or electronically sent prescriptions
    3. Prescriptions should list the Tamper Resistant Prescription features
    4. Additional requirements vary by state
  2. Criteria: Medicaid requires one feature from each of the following three criteria
    1. Copy resistant
      1. Hidden word such as 'Void' when photocopied (also appears when faxed)
    2. Unalterable
      1. Prescription design makes changes or erasure more obvious
    3. Counterfeit-resistant
      1. Features that are more difficult to duplicate (e.g. bar codes)
  3. Resources
    1. ASCP Briefing on Medicaid Tamper Resistant Prescriptions

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