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Tyramine-Vasoactive Amines

Aka: Tyramine-Vasoactive Amines, Tyramine Containing Food, Tyramine Elimination
  1. Indication for Tyramine Restriction
    1. Headache Management
    2. Concurrent MAO inhibitor use
  2. Tyramine Containing Foods
    1. Drinks
      1. Alcohol
      2. Cola drinks
    2. Fruits and vegetables
      1. Banana
      2. Grapes or Raisins
      3. Plums, Prunes, or Figs
      4. Pineapple
      5. Avocado
      6. Bean pods
    3. Dairy products
      1. Cheese
      2. Yogurt
      3. Buttermilk
      4. Chocolate
      5. Sour cream
    4. Preservatives and Flavor enhancers
      1. Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
      2. Pickled herring
      3. Nitrites
      4. Soy sauce
      5. Tenderizer
      6. Yeast extract

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