Pharmacology Book


Solid Food Introduction in Infants

Aka: Solid Food Introduction in Infants, Diet Advancement in Infants
  1. Indications
    1. Age 6 months or older
    2. Infant can transfer semi-solid food to swallow
  2. Approach: General
    1. Pureed or "mushy" foods
    2. Introduce a new food no more often than every 3 days
    3. Start with teaspoon of food and increase to tablespoon
    4. Continue cereals (See Infant Feeding)
      1. Add formula or Breast Milk to soften or mash cereal
    5. Continue Bottle Feeding or Breast Feeding
      1. Do not reduce amounts
    6. Consider introducing highly allergic foods (peanuts, eggs) age <1 to prevent food allergies
    7. Obesity prevention
      1. Avoid solid food introduction age <6 months
      2. Avoid juice <1 year old
  3. Adverse Effects
    1. Infant does not like taste of food
    2. Food Sensitivity
      1. See Food Allergy
      2. Rash
      3. Vomiting
      4. Diarrhea
      5. Irritability
      6. Wheeze
  4. References
    1. Turner (2018) Am Fam Physician 98(6): 347-53 [PubMed]

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