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Aka: Magnesium
  1. See Also
    1. Magnesium Replacement
  2. Physiology
    1. Magnesium is Cofactor in enzymatic reactions
      1. Sodium-Potassium ATPase pump
      2. Blocks Neuromuscular transmission
      3. Protein and DNA/RNA synthesis
      4. Cellular energy production and storage
      5. Cell growth, reproduction
    2. Magnesium Deficiency effects (see Hypomagnesemia)
      1. Cardiac Arrhythmia
      2. Refractory Ventricular Fibrillation
      3. Cardiac Insufficiency
      4. Sudden Cardiac Death
  3. Labs
    1. See Serum Magnesium
  4. Preparations: Medications
    1. See Magnesium Replacement
  5. Preparations: Natural Sources
    1. Foods with 70-90 mg Magnesium per serving
      1. Halibut (3 oz)
      2. Almonds or cashews (1 oz)
      3. Spinach (1/2 cup)
    2. Foods with 40-60 mg Magnesium per serving
      1. Instant oatmeal (1 cup)
      2. Baked potato with skin (1 medium)
      3. Yogurt (8 oz)
      4. Brown rice (1/2 cup)
    3. Foods with 20-40 mg Magnesium per serving
      1. Kidney beans (1/2 cup)
      2. Banana (1 medium)
      3. Milk (1 cup)
  6. Adverse Effects
    1. See Hypermagnesemia
    2. See Hypomagnesemia
  7. References
    1. Guerrera (2009) Am Fam Physician 80(2): 157-62 [PubMed]
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Disorder of magnesium metabolism (C0012716)

Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
ICD9 275.2
ICD10 E83.4, E83.40
SnomedCT 190857007, 60853003
English Disorders of magnesium metabolism, Disorder of magnesium met NOS, Disorder of magnesium metabol, Disorder of magnesium metabolism NOS, disorders of magnesium metabolism, magnesium metabolism disorder, Magnesium metabolism disorder, Dis magnesium metabolism, Disorders of magnesium metabolism, unspecified, disorder of magnesium metabolism, magnesium disorder, Disorder of magnesium metabolism, Disorder of magnesium metabolism NOS (disorder), Disorder of magnesium metabolism (disorder), magnesium; metabolic disorder, metabolic disorder; magnesium, Disorder of magnesium metabolism, NOS, Magnesium metabolism disorders
Dutch magnesiummetabolismestoornissen, stoornissen van magnesiummetabolisme, magnesium; stofwisselingsstoornis, stofwisselingsstoornis; magnesium, Stoornissen van magnesiummetabolisme, magnesiummetabolismestoornis
French Troubles du métabolisme du magnésium, Troubles de métabolisme du magnésium, Trouble du métabolisme du magnésium
German Erkrankungen des Magnesiumstoffwechsels, Stoerungen des Magnesiumstoffwechsels, Magnesiumstoffwechselstoerung
Italian Disturbi del metabolismo del magnesio, Disturbo del metabolismo del magnesio, Disturbi nel metabolismo del magnesio
Portuguese Alterações do metabolismo do magnésio, Alteração do metabolismo do magnésio
Spanish Alteraciones del metabolismo del magnesio, Trastornos del metabolismo del magnesio, trastorno del metabolismo del magnesio, SAI, trastorno del metabolismo del magnesio, SAI (trastorno), trastorno del metabolismo del magnesio (trastorno), trastorno del metabolismo del magnesio, Trastorno del metabolismo del magnesio
Japanese マグネシウム代謝障害, マグネシウムタイシャショウガイ
Czech Porucha metabolismu hořčíku, Metabolismus hořčíku - poruchy, Poruchy metabolismu hořčíku
Korean 마그네슘 대사 장애
Hungarian Magnesium metabolizmus zavar, Magnesium metabolizmus elváltozássai, Magnézium metabolizmus betegségek
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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