Pharmacology Book


Homeopathic Products

Aka: Homeopathic Products
  1. Efficacy
    1. No scientific support for effect in any condition
      1. (1999) Med Lett Drugs Ther 41(1047): 20-1 [PubMed]
      2. Shang (2005) Lancet 366:726-32 [PubMed]
    2. Meta-analysis of 89 controlled trials
      1. Effect not fully explained by Placebo
      2. Ineffective for any single condition
      3. Linde (1997) Lancet 350:834 [PubMed]
    3. Not found to be effective in:
      1. Migraine Headache
        1. Whitmarsh (1997) Cephalalgia 17:600 [PubMed]
      2. Muscle soreness
        1. Vickers (1998) Clin J Pain 14:227 [PubMed]
      3. Upper Respiratory Infection prevention in children
        1. de Klerk (1994) BMJ 309:1329 [PubMed]
  2. Ingredients
    1. Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of United States
      1. Includes 1200 homeopathic recipes
      2. Based on "like cures like"
        1. Example: Emetic Strychnine used as Anti-emetic
      3. Based on individual's experiences ("Provings")
    2. Contents
      1. Minerals
      2. Botanicals
      3. Animal parts
      4. Microorganisms
    3. Dilution
      1. Serial Dilutions
        1. X (1/10): 1X=1/10, 3X=1000, 6X=1/Million
        2. C (1/100): 1C=1/100, 3C=1/Million
      2. Typical Dilution: 6X to 30C (as high as 200C)
        1. 24X (12C) is diluted above Avogadro's Number
        2. Unlikely that product contains even one molecule
        3. Vallance (1998) J Altern Complement Med [PubMed]

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