Pediatrics Book


Return to School

Aka: Return to School, School Return After Illness, Returning to Daycare
  1. Contraindications: School attendance
    1. Contagious
      1. Example: Pertussis (until after 5 days on antibiotics)
    2. Fever
    3. Vomiting or Dehydration
    4. Inadequate energy to attend to school activities
  2. Indications: School return in Viral Infection
    1. Viral Infection examples
      1. Influenza
      2. Rhinovirus (Common Cold)
      3. Fifth Disease
      4. Hand Foot and Mouth Disease
    2. Indications to Return to School
      1. No fever
      2. Child must practice good hygiene (i.e. Hand Washing)
  3. Indications: School return in Bacterial Infection
    1. Bacterial infection examples
      1. Impetigo
      2. Bacterial Conjunctivitis
      3. Streptococcal Pharyngitis (Strep Throat)
    2. Indications to Return to School
      1. Antibiotics for 24 hours
  4. Indications: School return in specific conditions
    1. Chicken Pox
      1. All lesions have crusted over
    2. Head Lice
      1. After anti-lice Shampoo and manual nit removal
    3. Pinworms
      1. Day after Pyrantel, Mebendazole, or Albendazole
    4. Vomiting
      1. 24 hours after last Emesis
  5. Indications: Conditions allowing immediate school return
    1. Viral Conjunctivitis
    2. Otitis Media
  6. References
    1. Cornell (1999) Today's Parent

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