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Negative Parenting Behavior

Aka: Negative Parenting Behavior
  1. Background
    1. Negative behaviors may be precursors to Child Abuse
  2. Causes: Intimidation using adult size, authority
    1. Instilling fear through looks, property destruction
    2. Yelling
    3. Violent Behaviors toward others, pets
    4. Threatening Punishment by God, Police, Foster home
  3. Causes: Emotional Abuse
    1. Name calling
    2. Shaming children
    3. Inconsistent parenting
  4. Causes: Economic Abuse
    1. Withholding money or basic needs to control behavior
    2. Withholding child support
    3. Using child as a pawn in divorce
  5. Causes: Threats of abandonment, physical harm or confinement
    1. Using adult privilege
      1. Child treated as servant
      2. Punishing, bossing or constantly interrupting
    2. Isolation from peers, siblings, grandparents
  6. Resources
    1. See Parenting Resources
  7. Reference
    1. Domestic Abuse Intervention Project, Duluth, MN

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