Orthopedics Book


Improvised Splinting Techniques

Aka: Improvised Splinting Techniques
  1. See Also
    1. Improvised Traction Splint
    2. Improvised Fracture Splint
  2. Epidemiology
    1. Wilderness Management goes beyond golden hour
      1. Four hour rescue effort per one mile in backcountry
    2. Reduce Fractures and dislocations
      1. Dislocated Shoulder
        1. Shoulder reduction is manageable in wilderness
        2. Functional prognosis is poor for delayed reduction
          1. Four hour delay risks Frozen Shoulder in 50%
      2. Femur Fracture
        1. Apply Traction Splints for Femur Fractures
        2. Mortality significant for >4 hour delayed reduction
  3. General Measures
    1. Maintain Circulation
      1. Check splints every 15 minutes for circulation
        1. Check distal pulses
        2. Check distal Capillary Refill
      2. Assess symptoms of neurovascular compromise
        1. Distal extremity warmth
        2. Distal extremity movement
        3. Distal extremity Paresthesias
  4. Helpful materials
    1. Sam Splints (padded malleable aluminum)

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