Orthopedics Book


Fracture Immobilization

Aka: Fracture Immobilization
  1. See Also
    1. Fracture Splinting
    2. Fracture Casting
  2. Definition
    1. Fracture management without Casting
  3. Indications: Immobilization
    1. Stable Fracture unlikely to shift if extremity moved
  4. Management: General Adjuncts
    1. Soft Compression Dressing for first 2-3 days
  5. Management: Immobilization of common Fractures
    1. Shoulder Immobilizer
      1. Impacted Surgical Neck Humerus
    2. Sling
      1. Non-displaced Radial Head Fracture
      2. Non-displaced Olecranon Fracture
    3. Knee Immobilizer
      1. Non-displaced Patella Fracture
    4. Crutch walking
      1. Shaft of Fibula Fracture
      2. Non-displaced Calcaneus Fracture
    5. Hard Sandal
      1. Fractured Base of fifth Metatarsal
    6. Avoid offending Activity
      1. Stress Fracture
    7. Buddy Taping to adjacent toe or finger
      1. Non-displaced toe or Finger Fractures

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