Orthopedics Book


Shoulder Range of Motion Exercises

Aka: Shoulder Range of Motion Exercises, Pendulum Exercise, Codman's Exercise
  1. See Also
    1. Shoulder Strength Exercises
  2. Technique: Wall-climbing
    1. Walk fingers up wall and overhead
  3. Technique: Pendulum (Codman's Exercises)
    1. Bend slightly forward at waist (60 degrees), supporting self with uninjured arm
    2. Swing unweighted arm in side to side or front to back pendulum motion
    3. Swing unweighted arm in concentric circles
    4. Avoid overuse (avoid movement beyond painful points)
    5. May advance to use bucket or weights
  4. Technique: Rope and pulley from ceiling
    1. Hands see-saw back and forth
    2. Rope handles moved up and down via pulley
    3. Normal arm assists in elevation of stiff arm
  5. Technique: Internal rotation
    1. Clasp hands behind back
    2. Raise hands toward head
  6. Technique: External rotation
    1. Hands behind neck
    2. Rotate elbows back and then forward
    3. Repeat motion

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