Orthopedics Book


Fracture Neurovascular Complications

Aka: Fracture Neurovascular Complications
  1. See Also
    1. Motor Exam
  2. Types: Upper Extremity
    1. Circumflex Axillary Nerve Injury (Numb Deltoid)
      1. Anterior Shoulder Dislocation
    2. Radial Nerve injury (Wrist Drop)
      1. Spiral Humerus Fracture
    3. Ulnar Nerve injury (Numb pinky, Claw Hand)
      1. Avulsion Medial Epicondyle
      2. Distal Ulna Fracture
    4. Brachial artery injury (Finger extension)
      1. Severe Elbow Fracture
    5. Median Nerve injury (unable to make 'ok' sign)
      1. Distal Radius Fracture
  3. Types: Lower Extremity
    1. Sciatic Nerve Injury (Foot Drop)
      1. Posterior Hip Dislocation
    2. Peroneal Nerve injury (Foot Drop)
      1. Upper fibula Fracture
    3. Compartment Syndrome (Severe extremity pain)
      1. Upper tibia Fracture
  4. Pearls
    1. Check distal neurovascular function
      1. Circulation: pulse and Capillary Refill
      2. Motor Exam
      3. Sensory Exam
    2. Examine before and after immobilization

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