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Hip Dislocation

Aka: Hip Dislocation
  1. Mechanism
    1. Femoral head driven out of joint
  2. Signs
    1. Internal rotation and shortening and flexed
  3. Imaging: Hip XRay
    1. Assess for Hip Fracture
  4. Management: Reduction on the sports field
    1. Perform reduction as soon as possible
      1. Large muscles are difficult to overpower
    2. Technique
      1. One examiner immobilizes patient at hip
      2. Other examiner
        1. Flex patients hip 90 degrees and knee 90 degrees
        2. Apply traction from lower leg
        3. internally rotate hip
    3. Hip relocation procedure (Captain Morgan)
      1. http://regionstraumapro.com/post/10201631357

Hip Dislocation (C0019554)

Definition (NCI) A congenital or traumatic abnormality in which the femoral head slips out of the acetabulum.
Definition (MSH) Displacement of the femur bone from its normal position at the HIP JOINT.
Concepts Anatomical Abnormality (T190)
MSH D006617
ICD9 835
ICD10 S73.0, S73.00
SnomedCT 208912001, 208891008, 157265008
English Dislocation of hip, HIP DISLOCATION, Dislocation or subluxation of hip, Dislocation/subluxation of hip, Dislocated hip, hip instability dislocation, dislocation of hip (diagnosis), dislocation of hip, Hip dislocation, dislocation of hip (physical finding), Dislocation of hip NOS, Hip Dislocation [Disease/Finding], Hip Dislocation, dislocation of hip joint, dislocations hip, hip dislocated, of hip dislocation, Dislocation;hip, dislocation hip, dislocate hip, dislocated hip, dislocated hips, dislocation hip joint, dislocation hips, hip dislocation, hip joint dislocation, Dislocated hips, Dislocation of the hip, Dislocation of the hips, Dislocations, Hip, Displacements, Hip, Hip Displacement, Hip Displacements, Hip Dislocations, Dislocation, Hip, Displacement, Hip, Dislocation of hip NOS (disorder), Dislocation or subluxation of hip (disorder), Femoral head luxated, Luxation of hip joint, Coxofemoral luxation, Hip joint--Dislocation, Dislocation of Hip Joint, dislocation; hip, hip; dislocation, Dislocation of hip joint, Dislocation of hip joint (disorder), dislocation of the hip
Dutch heupontwrichting, ontwrichte heup, heup; luxatie, luxatie; heup, Heupluxatie, Luxatie van heup, Luxatie, heup-
French Hanche luxée, Luxation de hanche, LUXATION DE LA HANCHE, Luxation de la hanche
German luxierte Huefte, Hueftluxation, Luxation der Huefte, Hüftluxation
Italian Anca lussata, Lussazione dell'anca
Portuguese Luxação da anca, Deslocação da anca, Anca luxada, LUXACAO DA ANCA, Luxação do Quadril
Spanish Luxación de cadera, Dislocation of hip joint, luxación o subluxación de cadera (trastorno), luxación de cadera, SAI, luxación o subluxación de cadera, luxación de cadera, SAI (trastorno), luxación de articulación de la cadera (trastorno), luxación de articulación de la cadera, Luxación de la Cadera
Japanese 股関節脱臼, コカンセツダッキュウ
Swedish Höftledsdislokation
Czech kyčel - luxace, kyčel - dislokace, Vymknutá kyčel, Vymknutí kyčle, Vykloubení kyčle
Finnish Lonkan sijoiltaanmeno
Korean 엉덩관절의 탈구
Hungarian Csípőízület luxatiója, Csípőficam, Luxált csípőízület
Polish Zwichnięcie stawu biodrowego, Dysplazja stawu biodrowego
Norwegian Hofteluksasjon, Hofteforskyvning, Hofteutglidning, Dislokasjon av hofte, Hoftedislokasjon
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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