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Flexor Tendon Laceration

Aka: Flexor Tendon Laceration
  1. Signs
    1. Partial or complete loss of finger flexion
    2. May be associated with digital nerve injuries
    3. Carefully evaluate any Laceration near palmaris longus
      1. High risk for Median Nerve Injury!
  2. Management
    1. Refer to orthopedics for immediate flexor tendon repair
      1. Indicated for all cases except in "No Man's Land"
    2. Close skin if Laceration is in "No Man's Land"
      1. Between sublimis insertion and distal palmar crease
      2. Prone to adhesions
        1. Between lacerated tendons and flexor sheath pulleys
      3. Consult for secondary tendon graft in 6-8 weeks

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