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  • Fracture Complication


Fracture Complication

Aka: Fracture Complication, High Risk Fracture
  1. Precautions: High risk Fractures in Children
    1. Supracondylar Humerus Fracture
      1. Volkmann's contracture
      2. Malunion
    2. Lateral condylar Humerus Fracture
      1. Cubitus valgus
      2. Nonunion
      3. Ulnar Nerve injury
    3. Epiphyseal Fracture (Salter 3 to Salter 5)
      1. Growth disturbance
    4. Radial neck or Radial Head Fracture
      1. Growth disturbance
  2. Precautions: High Risk Fractures in Adults
    1. Ulnar Fracture and Radius Fracture
      1. Malunion
      2. Nonunion
    2. Displaced Forearm Fracture
      1. Restricted Forearm rotation
    3. Displaced malleolar Fracture
      1. Nonunion
      2. Traumatic Arthritis
    4. Supracondylar Fracture or Intercondylar Fracture
      1. Trauma Arthritis
      2. Joint Stiffness
    5. Displaced Olecranon Fracture
      1. Nonunion
    6. Displaced Radial Head Fracture
      1. Traumatic Arthritis
      2. Joint Stiffness
    7. Upper tibia Fracture
      1. Acute Compartment Syndrome

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