Orthopedics Book



Scaphoid Shift Test

Aka: Scaphoid Shift Test, Watson Test
  1. Indication
    1. Wrist Injury
    2. Suspected Scaphoid tubercle Fracture
    3. Suspected scapholunate instability
  2. Maneuver
    1. Images
      1. OrthoHandScaphoidShift.jpg
    2. Locate Scaphoid tubercle
      1. Extensor carpi radialis at palmar crease
    3. Examiner holds pressure on tubercle
      1. Thumb on Scaphoid tubercle (volar)
      2. Index finger on dorsum behind Scaphoid
    4. Press while moving wrist from ulnar to radial deviation
  3. Interpretation
    1. Pain at rest suggests Scaphoid tubercle Fracture
    2. Pain or clunk suggests scapholunate instability
  4. References
    1. Lewis (2001) Clin Sports Med 20:131-40 [PubMed]

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