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Radial Head Dislocation

Aka: Radial Head Dislocation, Proximal Radius Dislocation
  1. See Also
    1. Elbow Dislocation
    2. Monteggia Fracture
    3. Nursemaid's Elbow (Radial Head Subluxation)
    4. Radial Head Fracture
  2. Epidemiology
    1. Uncommon condition in children
    2. Differentiate from Nursemaid's Elbow (subluxed elbow)
      1. Nursemaid's Elbow is much more common in children
  3. Causes
    1. Traumatic Injury dislocates radial head anteriorly
      1. Fall on an outstretched pronated arm
      2. "Bent Ulna" suggests Monteggia Fracture
    2. Congenital disorder
      1. Radial head dislocates posteriorly
      2. Radial Head Dislocation is often bilateral
      3. Other anomalies may be associated
        1. Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
    3. Developmental Disorder
      1. Radial head dislocates posterolaterally
      2. Result of Cerebral Palsy or neurologic injury
  4. Differential Diagnosis
    1. Monteggia Fracture
    2. Nursemaid's Elbow
  5. Imaging: Elbow XRay
    1. Draw line through long axis of radius
    2. Line should always pass through capitellum in any view
  6. Management
    1. Traumatic dislocation
      1. Early reduction to prevent stiffness and pain
        1. See Elbow Dislocation
      2. Surgery for old neglected dislocations
    2. Congenital or Developmental Dislocations
      1. Management not needed if:
        1. No pain
        2. Little or no functional Impairment

Dislocation of radial head (C0434609)

Concepts Injury or Poisoning (T037)
ICD10 S53.0
SnomedCT 208809003, 263023008
English Dislocation of the radial head, radial head dislocation, dislocation of the elbow radial head, dislocation of radial head, dislocation of radial head (diagnosis), Radial head dislocation, Dislocation of radial head, Dislocation of radial head (disorder), dislocation; radius proximal end
German Luxation des Radiuskopfes, Radiuskopfluxation
Korean 노뼈머리의 탈구
Czech Dislokace hlavičky radia
Dutch radiuskopsubluxatie, luxatie; radius proximaal, Luxatie van radiuskop
French Luxation de la tête radiale
Hungarian Rádiusfej dislocatio
Italian Dislocazione della testa radiale
Japanese トウコットウダッキュウ, 橈骨頭脱臼
Portuguese Deslocação da cabeça do rádio
Spanish Luxación de la cabeza del radio, luxación de la cabeza radial (trastorno), luxación de la cabeza radial
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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