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Monteggia's Fracture

Aka: Monteggia's Fracture, Monteggia's Dislocation, Monteggia Fracture, Monteggia fracture dislocation
  1. See Also
    1. Forearm Fracture (GRUM Mnemonic)
    2. Galeazzi Fracture
  2. Signs
    1. Proximal third ulna Fracture of shaft (typically displaced)
    2. Proximal Radial Head Dislocation
      1. Risk of Radial Nerve injury
  3. Imaging: Forearm XRay
    1. Ulna Fracture may not be obvious (greenstick Fracture)
    2. Radial Head Dislocation may be overlooked
    3. Xray joint above and below Forearm (standard protocol)
      1. Wrist XRay
      2. Elbow XRay
  4. Management
    1. Child: Closed reduction may suffice
    2. Adult: Open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF)

Monteggia's Fracture (C0026508)

Definition (MSH) Fracture in the proximal half of the shaft of the ulna, with dislocation of the head of the radius.
Concepts Injury or Poisoning (T037)
MSH D009011
SnomedCT 123973009, 90723006
English Monteggia Fracture, Monteggia's Fracture, Monteggias Fracture, Fracture, Monteggia's, Monteggia's dislocation, Monteggia fracture, Monteggia's Fracture [Disease/Finding], monteggia fracture, monteggia's fracture, Monteggia's dislocation (disorder), Monteggia's fracture, Monteggia fracture dislocation, Monteggia's fracture (disorder), Monteggia; fracture, fracture; Monteggia
Swedish Monteggias fraktur
Czech Monteggiova fraktura
Finnish Monteggian murtuma
Spanish fractura luxación de Monteggia, luxación de Monteggia, luxación de Monteggia (trastorno), fractura de Monteggia (trastorno), fractura de Monteggia, Fractura de Monteggia
Polish Złamanie Monteggia
Norwegian Monteggias fraktur, Monteggias brudd
Dutch Monteggia; fractuur, fractuur; Monteggia, Fractuur, monteggia-, Monteggiafractuur
French Fracture de Monteggia, Fracture de l'avant-bras de Monteggia, Fracture-luxation de l'avant-bras de Monteggia
German Monteggia-Fraktur
Italian Frattura di Monteggia
Portuguese Fratura de Monteggia
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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