Orthopedics Book


Cervical Ligamentous Instability

Aka: Cervical Ligamentous Instability
  1. See Also
    1. Atlantoaxial Rotary Fixation
  2. Symptoms and signs
    1. Mild Neck Pain
    2. Sensation of giving way with certain range of motion
    3. Provoked with flexion and extension
    4. Neurologic dysfunction varies
    5. Fracture may be present
  3. Imaging
    1. See Cervical Spine Imaging in Acute Traumatic Injury
  4. Management: Return to play parameters
    1. Relative contraindication to Contact Sports
    2. Must be functional in all range of motion directions
    3. Absolute contraindications to Contact Sports
      1. Anterior translation of adjacent Vertebrae >3.5 mm
      2. Rotation or angulation >11 degrees

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