Orthopedics Book


Peroneal Subluxation

Aka: Peroneal Subluxation
  1. Definition
    1. Peroneal Tendon subluxes over lateral malleolus
  2. Etiology
    1. Retinaculum torn
      1. Sudden forceful foot dorsiflexion
      2. Contraction of peroneal Muscles
    2. Peroneal tendon lacks support
      1. Loose from groove behind lateral malleolus
  3. Signs: Peroneal tendon subluxation
    1. Tendon easily seen
    2. Tendon palpated over lateral malleolus
  4. Management
    1. Acute: Reduction and Immobilization
      1. Short Leg Walking Cast for 4 weeks
      2. Open repair of Retinaculum
    2. Chronic
      1. Surgical reconstruction of Retinaculum

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