Orthopedics Book


Achilles Tendinosus

Aka: Achilles Tendinosus, Achilles Tendinosis
  1. Epidemiology
    1. More common over age 35 years
  2. Pathophysiology
    1. Degeneration of achilles tendon associated with aging
      1. Vascular compromise and microtrauma contributes
    2. Non-inflammatory diffuse achilles tendon thickening
      1. Fibrosis and calcification of achilles tendon
  3. Symptoms
    1. Often without symptoms
  4. Signs
    1. Non-tender palpable Nodule or cord at achilles tendon
  5. Differential Diagnosis
    1. See Heel Pain
    2. Achilles Tendonitis
    3. Rheumatoid Arthritis
  6. Management
    1. Same as for Achilles Tendonitis
  7. References
    1. Mazzone (2002) Am Fam Physician 65(9):1805-10 [PubMed]

Achilles degeneration (C0581316)

Concepts Pathologic Function (T046)
SnomedCT 203003003
English Achilles degeneration, Achilles degeneration (disorder)
Spanish degeneración del tendón de Aquiles (trastorno), degeneración del tendón de Aquiles
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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