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Pubic Symphysis

Aka: Pubic Symphysis, Symphysis Pubis, Pubic Joint
  1. See Also
    1. Bony Pelvis
    2. Groin Pain
    3. Pubic Symphysis Disruption
  2. Anatomy
    1. Pubic Symphysis is at the center of the Pubic Joint with four interconnecting Muscle groups
    2. Pubic Joint Muscles
      1. Thigh flexors (inferior flexors)
        1. Psoas major Muscle, psoas minor Muscle
      2. Abdominal flexors (superior flexors)
        1. Internal oblique Muscle and transversus abdominus Muscle
          1. Aponeuroses fuses medially at pubic tubercle insertion
          2. Combined fascia forms conjoint tendon which inserts at anterior Pubic Symphysis
        2. Rectus abdominis Muscle and external oblique Muscle
          1. Combine with conjoint tendon to form pubic aponeurosis complex
      3. Thigh adductors and pelvic stabilizers
        1. Adductor longus Muscle, adductor brevis Muscle, adductor magnus Muscle, perineus Muscle, Gracilis Muscle
        2. Rectus abdominis-Adductor aponeurosis is formed by Adductors, Gracilis, pubic aponeurosis complex
      4. Rotators (internal and external)
        1. Obturator exturnus Muscle, obturator internus Muscle, quadratus formoris Muscle
  3. References
    1. Santelli (2019) Crit Dec Emerg Med 33(11): 3-10

Symphysis pubis structure (C0034015)

Definition (NCI) The joint between the left and right pubic bones at the front of the pelvis.
Concepts Body Space or Junction (T030)
MSH D011631
SnomedCT 182200001, 82561000
English Pubic Symphyses, Pubic Symphysis, Symphyses, Pubic, Symphysis, Pubic, Symphysis pubica, pubis symphysis, pubic symphysis, symphysis pubic, symphysis pubis, Pubic symphysis, Symphysis pubis, PS - Pubic symphysis, Symphysis pubis structure (body structure), Symphysis pubis structure
Swedish Blygdbensfog
Czech symphysis pubica
Finnish Häpyliitos
Polish Spojenie łonowe
Norwegian Underlivsbenfuge, Skambeinsfuge, Symfyse, Symphysis pubica, Underlivsbeinfuge, Skambensfuge
Spanish estructura de la sínfisis pubiana (estructura corporal), estructura de la sínfisis pubiana, sínfisis pubiana, Sínfisis Pubiana
French Symphyse pubienne
German Symphysis pubica, Schambeinfuge
Italian Sinfisi pubica
Dutch Symfyse, Symphysis pubica
Portuguese Sínfise Pubiana
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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