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Postpartum Psychosocial Issues

Aka: Postpartum Psychosocial Issues
  1. See Also
    1. Postpartum Depression
  2. Sexual and Marital well-being
    1. Baby Honeymoon may last only a few days
    2. Marital dissatisfaction may persist >1 year
      1. Limited intimacy
      2. Fatigue from caring for infant
    3. Decreased sexual activity >1 year
      1. Painful incision
      2. Vaginal Atrophy
      3. Fatigue
      4. Increased demands
      5. Contraceptive concerns
  3. Other Family members affected by delivery
    1. Fathers
      1. Insomnia
      2. Fatigue
      3. Headache
      4. Poor concentration
      5. Irritability
      6. Nervousness
      7. Restlessness
    2. Siblings
      1. Attention seeking
      2. Aggression
      3. Withdrawal
    3. Marital Relationship
      1. Increased conflict

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